"I believe the writing is someplace"

Wendy S. Walters is guest-blogging on Ruth Ellen Kocher's channel About A Word, starting with an intriguing entry that reminds me again (as if I need to be reminded), why I'm drawn back to Wendy's work again and again.

Lately I spend a lot of time trying to locate the geography of the work. I believe the writing is someplace. While always true, facts of location are always temporary. And while current events seem to confirm this point for me over and over, somehow I still go out to try and find the line. Whether this is a problem with poetry or a problem with me matters less, I think, than the mistake of not feeling how much wildness is naturally occurring wherever it is the search for the poem takes me.

I should have tattooed on me somewhere a line from Wendy's Birds of Los Angeles: "I am addicted to places..."

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