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Maybe you already saw this, but Denver Post music critic Ricardo Baca is thinking about the convention of selling naming rights, and he asked me what I thought:

But the relationship that works for the sponsor doesn't always make sense to the consumer, observed University of Colorado Denver poet and professor Jake Adam York.

"The people who think basketball and office products belong together, and football and insurance should coexist, they aren't living in the same world we're living in," said York. "If we had a buyer, we'd surely become the Coors University of Colorado, and that would help us out with our financial responsibilities, I'm sure.

"But it feels intrusive when people feel like they can put down a couple million dollars in exchange for their name on something."


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I've been thinking about this for a while, addressing the website and the blog seriously again. It's been probably two years, maybe more, since I really enjoyed and maintained this, and I've been feeling drawn back to this work again of late.

But to return, I'd have to start again, new, fresh—succeed in some of the work I always intended to do, try some new things, but most importantly of all return to the real work of the site and the blog, to transmit something again, but this time with whole new kinds of static.

So here it is, 2010, and you, reader, whoever you are: a return and a renewal, with more changes ahead, but certainly a stable and active web presence again.

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